• Shane Murphy – The Happy Pear

    For a long time now, we have battled against the elements in The Happy Pear, we have all the doors into the building open during the day and we quiet often get very bad drafts up the stairs up to where our customers are eating. Also as the building itself is old it was a nightmare to try and keep warm.
    Since we have had the new Helvetic sunjoy heat panels installed, it has made a huge difference. The entire building feels very warm and cozy. The heat from the overhead panels is a huge contrast to the stuffy, dry blow heaters we had used before, plus they are barely noticeable on the ceiling and were easy to install.
    The radiant heat is very comfortable and being able to set up the thermostat to the temperature you desire means less time turning on and off heaters. And as we have 3 separate rooms, a main room, which is used constantly and two smaller rooms, not used every day, we are now able to set up custom times for our thermostats.
    The running cost is much lower than our previous heaters, and with the added health benefits from the radiant heat, it fits perfectly with the company’s mottos, making the world a healthier, happier place 😊

  • John Tessyman Bantry – Co. Cork

    I have been using two Helvetic Sunjoy panels fore two years now,one in a new room that was add to the house. This is the only heating in the room. Before I use the room I switch the panel on approx 15 minutes and then the room would be nice and warm. The other panel is fixed to the wall in my conservatory and because of the Helvetic panel I use in the winter time. I am very pleased with the panels and electricity consumption.

  • Howard and Caroline Hall – Flynn Pharmacy Main Street, Rathdowney Co. Laois

    We have a pharmacy on the main street in Rathdowney Co, Laois we used oil and radiators to heat our retail space. In two month I had to refill the oil tank at a cost of €300. I contacted Eamon and he came out to cost and spec the job. He even told me how much it would cost to heat using the infrared Heat Panels. I was advised that to heat using the infrared heat panels from Helvetic it would cost approx €50 per month compared to €150 per month and that we would get a payback in 22 months compared to our current heating solution. We installed the panels in 2013 and have not looked back I am very happy we have spend the money.

  • Astrid Pollmeier – Co. Waterford

    We have a one room in our house that used during the day, I didn’t want to turn on the central heating just to heat one room. I called Helvetic and their sales person called out to look at the room. He measured the room and sent me a quotation, He also demonstrated the panel and how it works. I ordered a panel and it was delivered in person from Helvetic. They took the time to speak with me electrician and answer any questions regarding the installation of the Panel. I am delighted with the heat in the room. I would recommend the company.

  • Adrian Daly Tullamore – Co. Offaly

    Eamon McGrath went out of his way to show me the Radiant Heat Panels and done a great job in explaining the benefits of the infrared panels .

  • Miriam Warren – Stillorgan, Dublin

    Just emailing to say how pleased I am with the Helvetic heating system. I love the soft gentle heat provided by the panels and the fact they are on the ceiling means no space is taken up by radiators. Your customer service is excellent.

  • Pat Downey – Dublin

    I have installed the Helvetic Sunjoy radiant panel in 3 of my apartments, I like this system because it clean heat, cost less to run and we were able to retrofit them -the tenants love them;)

  • Alice McGrath – Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

    Got these heating panels installed throughout the house, and now using them as our only heating system, replacing our oil system. We’re really pleased with them, particularly how controllable they are – each room being individually controlled is great, as with the switch for our oil system being outside in the garage, I often forgot to go turn it off if we were going out. The other great thing with these is the way they will switch themselves off once the room reaches the set temperature – so, for example, in the kitchen if I have the oven on, the heater will automatically turn itself off, so you aren’t wasting energy (and money!).

  • Collette Ducie (Center Manager) Pat Downey (Owner) – Dunshaughlin Business Park, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

    We spoke to Eamon in Helvetic and he came out to demonstrate the advantages of their Radiant panels, he gave me a price and we installed 6 panels in 2 offices. I wanted to see for myself if they would heat the area. My tenants had positive feedback and after measuring the amount of electricity used by the panel over a month I was happy, I since installed in the complete building of approx 25 Panels. I am more than happy for anyone to call in to view the Panels installed

  • Mary Culleton – Naomh Aine Naoinra – Garoon, mountmellick, Co. Laois

    We installed the commercial Panel from Helvetic Sunjoy in 2011. I used oil heating and was not happy with the running costs. I contact Helvetic Sunjoy and they called out to me and sent me a quotation and running cost of the system. I installed two SR25 Radiant panels. I find this a excellent product, I turn it on and within minutes I can feel the heat from the Panel.

  • Polar Ice – Portarlington

    I seen the Helvetic panel installed in a commercial unit and rang the company to call out and quote to install in a portable cabin at the factory . The quotation and running cost figure was sent and it was very attractive. I ordered the panels and used our onsite electrician to install the panels. Helvetic were very helpful and called out after the panels were installed to ensure we were able to program the wireless controller. I since bought more panels for an upstairs office and canteen along with their commercial panel for our factory floor. GREAT PRODUCT

  • Healthy Habits – Quarantine Hill, Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow

    We have a healthfood shop and Treatment rooms in Wicklow Town, I had a knowledge about Radiant heat and the advantages of it. I researched on line and found Helvetic Sunjoy. They advised me that about their panels and they would call out to do a site survey. I prices a number of different companies and decided to use Helvetic because in my opinion their product was of the best quality with the Nano Silver and warranty .They panel were installed in 2010 and I never looked back. I am very pleased with the Sunjoy Radiant panel.

  • Maureen Fitzgerald – Maureens Hair Salon| Drangan, Co.Tipperary

    I contacted Helvetic Sunjoy as I has a hair salon and i was using Storage heating which I found expensive to run. Eamon from Helvetic Sunjoy came out with a sample and talk me thought my options, He explained it in simple terms and we decided this was the system for us. The panel were installed in a few days and there a great success.

  • Frances Marnane – Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary

    Hi Eamon, ‘We now have two Helvetic Infrared Panels in our kitchen and are delighted with them. We have a relatively new house but the kitchen was impossible to heat. Instead of having radiators on for hours, the room is now warm in minutes. It’s like sitting in the sun! Love them!’