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  • SR5 Sunjoy

    445 Area to Heat: 5/10sm497 Kcal Size: 906x606x20mm
  • SR7 Sunjoy

    547 Area to Heat: 10-14m² Size: 1206x606x20mm
  • SR8 Sunjoy

    569 Area to Heat: 14-18m² Size: 1506x606x15mm
  • PRIMA P6

    289 Area to Heat: up to 10m2 Size: 1200x600x30mm
  • PRIMA P8

    369 Area to Heat: up to 10m2 Size: 1020x720x15mm
  • PRIMA P10

    412 Area to Heat: up to 15m2 Size: 1220x770x15mm
  • 580W Mirror Far Infrared Heater

    449 Warranty: 5 Years Size: 600x1000x12mm
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