Delivery & Installation Information

For goods delivered through a courier service we provide nationwide delivery across the Republic of Ireland

Where a purchase includes free fitting Sunradi limited t/a Helvetic has the right to refuse this service at our discretion. Strict terms & conditions apply. Where a purchase includes installation strict terms and conditions apply. Sunradi Limited do not take reasonability for panels installed by individual (not a registered electrician in the country of installation) and where required to provide a receipt of installation.

We do not accept responsibility for any damage to any surface the panels are installed direct to and materials include plaster board, timber or any other none combustible material. Nor do Helvetic accept responsibility for any discolouration of any surface in proximity to where the panel is installed over a period of any time.

Sunradi limited do not accept reasonability for Sunjoy/Prima/Helvetic product installed outside that of the guideline set out in the “installation manual” and can be accessed/downloaded at


Free Delivery within Ireland

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