The Happy Pear-Greystones Co. Wicklow

Client: The Happy Pear
Location: Greystones Co. Wicklow
Number of Panels installed: 6
Installation date: January 2016

Installation Images

Client Testimonial

For a long time now, we have battled against the elements in The Happy Pear, we have all the doors into the building open during the day and we quiet often get very bad drafts up the stairs up to where our customers are eating. Also as the building itself is old it was a nightmare to try and keep warm.
Since we have had the new Helvetic sunjoy heat panels installed, it has made a huge difference. The entire building feels very warm and cozy. The heat from the overhead panels is a huge contrast to the stuffy, dry blow heaters we had used before, plus they are barely noticeable on the ceiling and were easy to install.
The radiant heat is very comfortable and being able to set up the thermostat to the temperature you desire means less time turning on and off heaters. And as we have 3 separate rooms, a main room, which is used constantly and two smaller rooms, not used every day, we are now able to set up custom times for our thermostats.
The running cost is much lower than our previous heaters, and with the added health benefits from the radiant heat, it fits perfectly with the company’s mottos, making the world a healthier, happier place 😊


The Happy Pear used electric Convector heaters to heat the three seating areas upstairs. The brief was to free up valuable wall space and reduce energy costs. Helvetic arranged a site survey and the client was happy with Helvetic recommendations. Helvetic showed the client their option’s and the client decided to install the new 20mm Sunjoy Radiant panel. The client used their electrician and Helvetic briefed him around installing the infrared heating panels. Another happy client using Radiant panels supplied by Helvetic Sunjoy.