Flynns pharmacy-Main Street, Rathdowney, Laois

Client: Flynns pharmacy
Location: Main Street, Rathdowney, Laois
Number of Panels installed: 2
Installation date: September 2014

Installation Images

Client Testimonial

We have pharmacy and used oil central heating, we had to service the boiler every year and oil prices were increasing. Since we installed the Sunjoy infrared heating panel we have saved 40% on our heating bill plus we have no more maintenance costs. We also like that the slim panel are locate on the ceiling freeing up valuable retail wall space, This is a clean heating solution and we would highly recommend Helvetic heating and there excellent service provided.


Client used oiled fired central heating to heat retail space. Wall space was to a minimum so that fact that the panels were located on the ceiling was a big advantage. Helvetic installed the Sunjoy SR9 panel in front retail space and the Sunjoy SR7 in the back dispensary area. We used the computherm Q7RF to control each zone, this allows the client to turn on/off the panel when the heat is required and also allows to set a room temperature of 20 degrees in each space. Another successful installation from Helvetic heating.