Eoin Roe Chiropractic-West Cork

Client:The Chiropractic Clinics – Douglas, Kinsale & West Cork
Location:West Cork
Number of Panels installed:7
Installation date: August 2016

Installation Images

Client Testimonial

We purchased a building in 2015 and after major work to upgrade the building we then investigated to see what technology was available to heat our new Treatment rooms. I called a few companies that specialised in infrared heating but when I spoke to Eamon at Helvetic I know their product was for us. We placed the order and the panel arrived. I am more than happy with the panels. The gentle heat is a real hit with our clients and I have no surprises with I receive my electricity bill.



Open space that was difficult to heat, client used air-con and heat was escaping. Helvetic explained the advantages of used Far infrared heating Panels in the application. The Sunjoy Panels are to be located on suspended ceiling, the Panel which was same width as roof tile (600mm wide) and was very easy install and all wiring was installed from above with no distribution to any member of staff.