Eco-Friendly Infrared Heating Solution to Save Money and Energy

Having a comfortable environment is a necessary requirement to increase the productivity of people. In cold climates, it becomes virtually impossible to have a cosy surrounding without the use of space OR air heaters. If you need to transform your private or office space to optimize the comfort levels, then you need to look into an Eco-Friendly option and this is where Infrared space heater come into the picture. It is the great alternative solution to the other heating solutions that one uses in his/her daily life as it is more effective. With diverse options available in the market, you can get confused while choosing the right brand to meet your needs.

infrared heating panels

The Sunjoy Far Infrared Heater from the Helvetic is the best option available currently on the market as it offers you a ground-breaking and revolutionary solution. You can install it in your home, office, yoga studio, commercial units, etc. to have a gently heated  yet natural environment. It is far better than the conventional oil and gas powered  central heating systems or the electric storage heaters as it saves you money.

How does it work?

The infrared heating panel works on the principle of radiation of heat, so it can save more than 70% of your heating cost. The other electric system work by heating the air, so it takes more power to make the air soothing. The radiated heat from the panel is more Eco-friendly, gentle, and economical as it is similar to the heat from the sun. It is also healthy as it does not dry the air. The bonus features are that it reduces the presence of dust particles in the room.

An Infrared Heater changes the temperature of a room quite drastically, as it doesn’t use the air of a room for heat transmission but rather it uses the overall mass of the room, to transmit heat evenly. The silver nano materials used in the heater have a sterilization effect. It also refreshes the air as the negative anions and Tourmaline provides a deodorization effect. So, the Helvetic Sunjoy heaters emit healthy radiations that capture the vitamins. So, you can enjoy the fresh air that provides you with overall relaxation and enhance the resistance to fight diseases.

Why Helvetic Heaters?

Helvetic offers you the top-quality Infrared Heater Ireland that will improve the comfort of your surroundings to maintain overall health. You can also get the following benefits:

  • The Infrared Panel Heater is easy to install.
  • It saves space as it can be fixed directly to the ceiling.
  • It can reduce your heating costs by up-to 70%.
  • The Eco-friendly heater does not emit green house gases like carbon dioxide.
  • Professional help is not required to move the heaters.
  • It is the ideal low-cost heating solution for bathrooms and wet rooms (IP rating 55 double insulated)

The top-quality Infrared Heater Ireland is ideal for areas prone to dampness as it creates a warm atmosphere and thus reduces condensation. Therefore, you can have a cosy atmosphere with an improved air quality to avoid allergies and other health problems. It is the ideal addition to your space which will make your living condition a comfortable one.

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