• Enjoy A Warm And Productive Living Environment With Modern Infrared Heating Panels

    Making use of conventional heating systems won’t suffice in a large room or office that is spread across several floors. It is simply not enough to take care of the heating needs of such a large space. What is required here is infrared heating panels which work fast and are highly efficient in dissipating heat to a large area in a short while. Why Is It Better To Opt For An Infrared Heater Over A Convectional One? You can view more

  • Infrared Heating Panels – The Next Generation In Heating Systems And Solutions

    When you look at heating systems used in the office what is noticed is that they are traditional heater, running either on oil, gas else making use of conventional heating technology. Though they are capable of heating up the room, the heat is not adequate enough. In a room filled with many people or which is large or an office that is spread across many floors and which has many rooms of various sizes, the eat from an eclectic wall view more

  • Bring Down Electricity Costs With Modern Infrared Heating Panels

    When winter sets in, heating systems are used all across the country to get away from the chillness of the climate. Most homes and offices employ a conventional heating system such as wall mounted electric heaters, oil or gas powered central heating systems. However, the problem with these heating systems is that they consume a lot of electricity and hence produce heavy electricity bills. Such costs can be avoided by implementing an infrared heating system. Infrared Panels – Revolutionary view more

  • Infrared Heating Panels are a breakthrough in heating technology.

    Infrared is the most fundamental form of heating known to mankind since evolution. Though infrared radiation works similar to the Sun’s rays but with out the harmful UV rays. Infrared heating panels provide hassle free heating which are efficient, user friendly and environmental yet economic. Infrared panels let us use radiant heating in a contemporary, comfortable and controllable way. They work by heating the surface area of the room and not the volume. Thus, there is significantly less heating but view more

  • Why are Electric heaters are an ideal winter choice for interiors over the conventional heating solutions

    When choosing different ways to keep your interiors warm for much longer during those piercing winter evenings, most of us would think that the conventional heating system are better than the new age electric heaters. But, are they really? Well, it will become much easier to decide when you start with answering a simple question of ‘what is conventional heating system?’. Simply put, this form of heating uses either oil or gas as fuel as opposed to an renewable/cleaner heating view more

  • Why Infrared Radiant Heaters are more popular over Traditional Heating Systems?

    There are many countries that have extremely cold winters and can snows up to 6 month per year. Winter season in those places makes it harder for people to go though there daily routine in such a freezing temperatures. Such weather conditions put high demands and dependence on indoor heating and may be difficult to maintain the temperature; different types of radiators, coal based central heating system, blowers etc. come to the fore. Most heating systems produce warm air by view more

  • Enjoy Nature-Like Heat At Your Home: Sunjoy Ireland

    Far infrared radiation is a organic source/process of heat as it forgoes combustion and is good for health and is natural as well. Far infrared heaters use electromagnetic waves that transfer energy to low temperature objects and produce heat. They use tungsten wires for such emission of energy and this also sterilizes the air. Along with such anti-bacterial effects, infrared also facilitates cell regeneration, prevention of geriatric diseases and of course, purification of air akin to what sunlight does. view more

  • Top 7 benefits that make infrared panels best suited for your home or office

    I am sure most of you would have said this one time or the other, ‘All I want is a cosy place waiting to embrace me with open arms when I get home all exhausted’. Every home owner looks for some intelligent installations in order to get the desired comfort. One such comfort comes with Infrared heating panels, for properties that have been designed to restore good living, it is a must have for all homes. Before going ahead with view more

  • Top-notch benefits of Infrared panel to bring the perfect warmth of the sun into your space.

    We all have our favourite cosy corner in the house where we just want to sit back and enjoy our evening coffee. How about making the entire space comfy and cosy with just a simply intelligent installation? We are talking about infrared heating panels that gives no dust or pollen, keeps the air purified and also provide the same strong, penetrating, evenly transferred heat to every corner while keeping you refreshed. These panels are all about space-saving, practicality and style view more

  • Offices and shops require efficient heating systems for uninterrupted functioning

    It is well understood that a comfortable and well heated office witnesses a productive environment with happy employees. So, commercial spaces are more in need of effective heating systems and if you are looking for installing one, there are several factors to be kept in mind. Cost for instance, is an important one as we are not talking about one room but, the whole set up. Now, cost of use and repair comes with the installation price tag. Other factors view more

  • Switch To The Latest In Heating Technology & Experience Cost Effective, Healthy Heat

    Most heaters work on the principle of combustion, in which carbon based fuels are the fundamental elements in generating heat. These heaters gust warm air in the intended space, that sometimes do not reach all the corners of the room, leading to over-heating in some and non-heating of other areas. They have also been a major reason behind air, soil and noise pollution. With radical improvements in technology, design and features of these heaters, modern heating solutions are introduced in view more

  • Why Conventional heating solutions Don’t Make Sense In The 21st Century?

    We all know that Conventional means of heating like gas or oil fired solutions and forced air systems generate carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide and other green house gases that are harmful for the atmosphere and the human Body. They are harmful to the Eco-system, these heaters are also detrimental to our health, as their toxic discharges and harmful gases are a big reason behind various respiratory problems and skin allergies. To end such problems that deteriorate our health view more

  • How Electric Heaters Are Better Than Conventional heating solution?

    Gone are the days when people depended on just Conventional heating solutions to heat domestic and commercial spaces. These conventional heating solutions require oil, gas, Coal and Timber as fuel and work by heating water and then pumping this through pipe work, the result is it delivers the warm air throughout the intended space. But such traditional means of heating produces toxic wastes and harmful gases. Such conventional means of heating, have thus, been deemed detrimental to health as well view more

  • Radiant Heat Panels: Safe & Healthy way to heat your yoga studio

    “Radiant heat has become the most favoured choice of heat for yoga studios worldwide. The unique health benefits of Radiant Heat Panels are cherished in all kinds of dry personal and group saunas as well as hot yoga studios. Hot Heaters For Yoga Studio are designed in a manner that meet the unique specifications of each room type, size and take insulation and power supply related issues into consideration. The environment conditions for persons are met and provide uniform conditions view more

  • Time to switch over to Infrared Heating Panels

    Most heaters work on the principal of convection, gradually heating the air and allowing it circulate until it’s permeated the entire room, but Infrared heating panels emit a precise beam of heat that throws out a steady stream of heat particles leaving you warm. Infrared heating panels create the heat that is similar to the heat we experience from the sunlight. This infrared light is invisible because it is beyond the spectrum you see. This invisible light gets absorbed by view more

  • Save your electric costs with Sunjoy heating solutions

    If you compare Sunjoy heating panels with other competitors; you will find that Sunjoy heating panels, with its innovative, technologically advanced, efficient heating solutions, offer up to 70% reduction in heating costs compared to conventional heating panels. The Sunjoy panels are made using light weight quality materials which make it 50% lighter and more efficient as compared to other available panels in the market. The size of the panel is extremely important in an effective heating solution; smaller the view more

  • For Sun-like Warmth & Heat then you can Rely On Commercial Infrared Heaters

    More and more businesses are adopting commercial electric infrared heaters over conventional heating systems. Infrared heaters emit infrared radiations which are used for heating space, much like the heat from the sun in the form of far infrared radiation. Infrared is the reason that we still get the heat from the sun even though it is 150 million kilometers from the earth. It should not be confused with harmful UV radiations. Imagine if that kind of thermal energy could view more

  • Everything you need to know about Electric Radiators

    Electric radiators have come a long way in a short period of time. Consistent improvements in design, features and costs make these electric heating systems an attractive option for commercial, industrial or residential settings. Specialized spaces, such as hot yoga studios, health facilities and retail shops, all have taken benefit of this cost-saving and energy efficient method of heating. Electric radiant panel heaters have many advantages over other systems such as forced air, baseboard and convection wall heaters. Radiant view more

  • Nice Warm Weather in your Bedroom in those Cold Nights

    Conventional and non-conventional heating systems are Important to survive during harsh winters. Instead of conventional heating systems there are other great alternatives heating solutions available with innovative and technically advanced heating systems such as infrared heating panels. Heating panels let you enjoy a comfortable temperature within your Living room, Kitchen, bedroom, office room, church, commercial space and yoga studio. Choosing this unconventional alternative has multiple benefits. Why to choose far infrared heating panels Compared with conventional heating systems view more

  • Fine Tune Your Classroom Temperature With Far Infrared Heating Panels

    Ensure the maximum is obtained from students when the classrooms they spend up to 35 hours per week has an high air quality and is an excellent Environment to be educated . Conventional heating and ventilation systems fail to warm room occupants equally as they put fresh air and heat where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Promotion of healthy atmosphere in schools is now possible with the installation of efficient, fast and cost-effective infrared School Heating Panels It has been observed view more

  • Install The Revolutionary Infrared Heating Panels And Enjoy A Lovely Warm Environment In Your Bedroom

    Turn your bedroom into a cozy and warm place in winter by installing Infrared heating panels. The winters can be very difficult to bear without an efficient bedroom heating system. Conventional ones use a lot of energy and run up heavy electricity bills. They also don’t disperse heat adequately consequently, one part of the room is heated up more than the other. Do away with such problems with sophisticated infrared heating panels, which make use of radiant heat transfer to view more

  • Enjoy Sound Heating And A Healthy Office Environment

    Infrared panels from Helvetic are the heating system of the future and a new way of heating into the office. They work faster than traditional office electric heating systems, which are expensive to install, maintain, plus they consume a lot more electricity energy. With infrared heaters, employees get the heating they need to do work, plus a healthier environment. Their design overcomes the drawbacks of a traditional heater, while providing exactly the heating needed, quickly and without using much energy. view more

  • Install Infrared Heaters and Enjoy Quick Heat, excellent Warmth During Winters Days

    It’s been a chilly winter and at the end of the season, you will realize your electricity bills have skyrocketed as the heaters were used extensively. Cut down this problem by replacing the traditional heating system with ultra-modern and hi-tech Infrared heating panels. They have a revolutionary new technology that reduces the energy used by a conventional heater down by up to 70 percent. Their benefits are not limited to this alone as they include Eco-friendly features and are also view more

  • Know what is the Best Way for Heating your Apartment ?

    During a cold spell, maintaining the temperature becomes difficult if you do not have an efficient heating system in your apartment. It’s the biggest annual expenditure and you need adequate knowledge to avoid spending too much on it. Here are the tips for those who are planning to get a new Heating system for their home Make sure that the apartment is insulated, drought proof and sealed effectively Use energy efficient designs while sizing the view more

  • Electric Heating Systems: The Safest and Environment Friendly Heating systems

    Whether building a home or renovating an old one, heating your home is one of the prime concerns. Sometimes the problems like high maintenance and heating costs from the existing heating systems and solutions also makes you consider new options. Most of the time, market driven fuel prices force you to do so. Electric Heating systems are one of the safest and easy to install heating systems. There are different types of electric heating systems available in the market, such view more

  • Radiant Heating Systems: The Smartest Way to Make Your Home Comfortable During the Winters

    Radiant Heat is not a very new concept; rather, it is as old as our galaxy. In winter mornings, when you go out in the sun its imperceptible infrared rays hit you and make you feel warm and cosy. The warmth you feel is because of radiant heating. It is the best form of heating and now you can have the same system for domestic as well as commercial use. In this heating process, invisible electromagnetic infrared waves are used view more