questionmarkHow does Helvetic Sunjoy panels work/how does it heat?
This type of heat is called Radiant heat, this heat dose not heat the air but the objects and surface the infrared razes come in contact with. Its the surfaces that reflected the heat and thereafter the air temperature increases.

Is the Helvetic Sunjoy heating panel harmful?
The wavelength is between 4 and 14 um and therefore they are not harmful to the human body.

Can I place Helvetic Sunjoy heating panel on the wall or the ceiling?
The Panel can be placed either on the ceiling or the wall, for best performance we recommend the panel to be located on the ceiling, this will help the heat to be distribute evenly into room below, another reason is the the surface temperature can get up to 130 Degrees and can be hot to touch.

Is the Helvetic Sunjoy heating panel hot to touch?
The panel will reach 130 Degrees within 60 seconds and therefore hot to touch.

Does the Helvetic Sunjoy heating panel change colour when heated?
No the panel dose not change colour once turned on.

Can I customise my Helvetic Sunjoy heat panel?
Helvetic Sunjoy heating panel is only available in one colour – white, this is because most surfaces are white in colour.

I have a low ceiling in my house can I install the panels?
The panel can be installed on low ceiling which can be an advantage as the area will heat quicker.

What does radiant heat fee like?
Radiant heat can be described as a light more comfortable heated compared to convection heating type. It dose not dry the air and dose not make you tired.

Is the Sunjoy radiant panel expensive to run?
No,the panels are up to 60% less expensive to run compared to that of other electric heaters.