Domestic House

Client:Declan King
Location: Kinsale, Co. Cork
Number of Panels installed: 9
Installation date:September 2012

Installation Images

Client Testimonial

I have been using two Helvetic Sunjoy panels fore two years now,one in a new room that was add to the house. This is the only heating in the room. Before I use the room I switch the panel on approx 15 minutes and then the room would be nice and warm. The other panel is fixed to the wall in my conservatory and because of the Helvetic panel I use in the winter time. I am very pleased with the panels and electricity consumption.


Client was upgrading heating solution from storage heating. Helvetic visited location and demonstrated the panel range. Helvetic put together a package for the client and client was happy to proceed. The Client wished to use their local electrician and Helvetic worked closely to get project completed. The client enjoys having each area zoned and allows rooms to be heated individually. Another happy Client.