Client: Private
Location:Dockland, Dublin City
Number of Panels installed:4
Installation date: September 2014


Installation Images

Client Testimonial

I have been using two Helvetic Sunjoy panels fore two years now,one in a new room that was add to the house. This is the only heating in the room. Before I use the room I switch the panel on approx 15 minutes and then the room would be nice and warm. The other panel is fixed to the wall in my conservatory and because of the Helvetic panel I use in the winter time. I am very pleased with the panels and electricity consumption.



Client had purchased an apartment and wanted to upgrade Heating, The client wanted to free up wall space as the rooms were small. A big advantage for the client was our panels are wireless controlled and therefore all wires were located in ceiling. Helvetic called out to client and measured each room and put together an attractive package for the client. The client wished to use a local electrician and Helvetic Brief electrician on the requirement when installation the Helvetic Radiant heating panels.