Apartment Installation

Client: Private
Location: Installation location Charlotte Quay Dock, Ringsend Road Dublin 4
Number of Panels installed:5
Installation date: September 2016


Installation Images

Client Testimonial

We installed 4 FIR Radiant panel from the Sunjoy range. We had just bought the apartment and after researching options I found Helvetic on line and there website was very professional and had loads of relevant of information. I contact them via email and sent over the area sizes, the next day I had received a quote. I decided to go with the Sunjoy range as it suited our needs. We agreed on the spec and panel sizes required and the deal was done. The panels arrived and our electrician installed the panels. We are delighted with the panels and how neat and tidy they are, our wall space is free up which was a great advantage. The gentle heat is super, the temperature jumps rather quickly which is brilliant. Over all I would highly recommend infrared heating, there was a lot of options online but the Sunjoy panels from Helvetic came out on top for me.



Client had moved to Ireland purchased an apartment they had used infrared heating in there apartment in Germany , They wanted to free up wall space and the Sunjoy panels appealed to them. It was a pleasure to work with this this client as they understood infrared heating and knew what they wanted.